Composers    who wrote for "Susie, tell me a Story!"

David Dramm - I woke up blind (2013)


A song-like piece for recorder, 2 slide whistles, train whistle, duck call, 5 hotel bells, bucket and pig foot, with soundtrack featuring David Dramm's own ageing voice.

I woke up blind this morning, blind as a sack of potatoes.
I woke up blind this morning, blind as a three corner’d hat.
Blind as a church key.
Blind as a dog’s balls.
Don’t ask me about it again.

Felipe Waller - Paramythical Encounter (2013)


The call, the task is set for what has to be done and what will happen. For a set of tube flutes, especially developed and constructed for this piece.

Oscar Bettison - Bird Forms on a Neutral Background (2013)


A big set of renaissance recorders will be looped live and non-live with the loopstation, creating a bird-like soundscape.

Kate Moore - House of Shards and Shadows (2013)


A sinister, unsettling piece, featuring the dark somber tones of the bass recorder, oozing a bewildering and confusing atmosphere.

Michiel Mensingh - All Work and no Play makes Mike a Dull Boy (2014)


A fast, aggressive, dark, energetic and adventurous piece for Paetzold-contrabass recorder, sopranino recorder and soundtrack. A personal story.

Guus Janssen - Rocking Chair (2013)


Happiness, bliss, looking back on our adventures, our life, from the comfort of a rocking chair. Happy end.

Akiko Ushijima - Instan'stillation (2014)


A Japanese view on destructiveness in the world of storytelling - for solo contrabass recorder and soundtrack.

Seven composers haven written new pieces for this project.